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Ultimate Guide on Facebook Image Size Dimensions


Gonna change your profile or business’s profile or cover photo this year?

Remember the Facebook Image Size !

When you know the perfect Facebook Image Size, your half problem of gaining engagement and likes solve automatically. 

Have you started a new business or have an existing small or large scale business? Profile photo and cover photo plays a vast role. Not only for businesses, profile & cover photo is necessary for your self profile too. 

If you want to pop and get more likes on Facebook, most images on Facebook including cover photo and your ad images should comply with official Facebook Image size dimensions.

Suppose, you have created an informative and pretty good image for ad promotion, profile picture or cover photo. Nothing worse while uploading the image on Facebook, finding out the dimensions are wrong. 

Your images need to look fantastic, when somebody is scrolling your page or profile on mobile phones.

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Glimpse of Facebook Image Size Dimensions:

We’ll go through the full details below in the article.

Here I am giving you a glimpse of all recommended images sizes on Facebook.

Recommended Official Facebook Image Size


Facebook Profile Images:

Facebook Page Images:

Facebook Group Images:

Facebook Event Images: 

Facebook Photo Post Images (In the news feed): 

Facebook Link Post Images (In the News Feed): 

Facebook Page Ad Images:

Facebook Page Like Ad Images: 







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