Ultimate Guide on WhatsApp Image Size Dimensions

Whatsapp image size 


Hello Guys, 

Nowadays all things are on Social Media.

We all know Social media contains Word, images, and videos. 

Today I am going to talk about Social media Images Size 

 Sometimes social media items occur in the word, and sometimes in images form and videos form…

Word has its own size or it can be chosen by us manually. 

Like if you have font size 16 then the output will be smaller. 

Same as above when you choose font size 48 then the result will be bigger than previously. 

Why did this all happen…?


We all know about the font size of ‘text’.

Apart from this…

When do we need to post an image on social media platforms like WhatsApp then we have to know what image size should I take to post….? 

Hello guys,

today, I am here to talk about What is the best size of WhatsApp images. 

We all know A great chatting app called Whatsapp owner by Facebook.

In Whatsapp, there are too many sections for images or videos to post. Your Profile picture has different size Videos has a different size, Other person profile picture have a different size too

Whatsapp Story has different sizes for photos and videos. 

One by one I am explaining what different sizes of photos on WhatsApp you can use….

WhatsApp Profile picture or Display Picture size.

Whatsapp gives you a limited file size option; you can only share 25 MB files on Whatsapp. For profile photos, your image should be 192 px by 192 plz. You can use 500px by 500px (Recommended) too. 

Whatsapp posts and massages photo size

800px by 800px is the standard size for WhatsApp post. 

Whatsapp other users profile photo images size 

Same as your DP size. Other user profile picture size would be 192px by 192 or 500px by 500px 

Whatsapp Story images size and Video Size and duration

Whatsapp story is for your daily updates like what you eat today or where you are going and so on. Normally, the size of a WhatsApp story is 750pz by 1300px. You are free to use all dimension size in the story. The duration of the video on WhatsApp’s story is 1min or 60 seconds.

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