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Step by Step How to send money to WhatsApp

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Step by Step How to send money to WhatsApp

Send money from WhatsApp


Whatsapp launched his new feature for Indians. And I am sure most Indians was waiting for this update. Frankly speaking guys I am one of them.

With the help of BHIM and UPI app, we can easily send money.

Whatsapp new feature is only for friends, Means we can share money with only our friends.


Whats app new update has been launched for sending money.

We can send money to those whose number is saved in our contact list.

Step by Step How to send money to WhatsApp

Step 1

For sending money through WhatsApp, first, you have to link your account with WhatsApp.

Go to the setting >Payment Option>Verify You're No.

Step 2

Now you will see a list of all banks related to the UPI. (List of all supported banks of UPI)

Choose Your bank

Then WhatsApp will show your account which will already be linked to your number

After clicking on this account your application(Whatsapp) will be connected to your account.

You can add more account with the same procedure.

Step 3

Note: The recipient’s bank account much be linked to his WhatsApp mobile number.

Now choose your friend mobile number and send money to his/her.

Facebook-owned, What’s app second update is for windows users.

I just notice What’s app update his application for Windows user. Now windows user can switch voice call to video call without any interruption.
Switch update already launched for Android users.

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