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hello, guys now we are going through such a time where increasing our brand awareness is a tough task. AdWords,, and more advertising platforms make this task easy. This is a part of paid advertising. the offline advertisement is also part of paid advertising. Now we are going to discuss how to get free link building and basic fundamentals of link building.

We will talk about what to do and what to not do.

What to do- Link building technique

List your business in directory listing websites

directory listing website result also gives us a good backlink. This is the most relevant method to grow your backlinks list.

we all know some online advertising network is free. we can post our business on such of these websites. we call this kind of websites a directory listing website. if we do not consider some initial cost, then some directory listing is free. Aside from this method we recommend some way to promote our business on other websites using free link building methods.

Try to participate in other blogs

This is a second relevant step for link building on other websites. it is easy to say but difficult to do. Yeah frankly speaking “comment that has your business domain is a little bit hard to get published”. Sometimes the quality comment gets published. So try to impress the author with your comments.

Add your business domain to social networking platform

We must recommend making your official profile on social media. it helps us to build our brand awareness. Social media are the best place to make our own relevant community.

participate in Forum –

Normally all forum is Question and answer forum. participate in this conversation and try to give good answers. Sometimes the answer to that question is written on our website so we can provide our URL too.


What to not do- Link building technique

Never do pay for link building.

What is Paid link building?

In present time link building is a very good method for getting better rank in search but this is a bit hard. This method works well in present time, we can not ignore link building. Some website can do your link building for you but you have to pay for that. That all links should be No-follow links. means these websites did not share his domain authority(DA) with you, This is not a good step for your business. paid link builder add your URL to another website. They have different plans like $10 – 100 backlinks.


we recommend never do that this type of method. This method never gives us good advantages. So never do that.

Never do the Sponsored review

What is Sponsored review System?

The work of some websites is to publish another website content on another website. we call this kind of websites a sponsored review publisher website. their website has a good Alexa rank, good domain authority and page authority. if these type of website share our content then its more chance our website will also appear in search results. these websites give a no follow a link to us. they will publish an article about your business, services or product. After getting backlinks from the high-rank website your website will gradually start coming up in search results. This technique improves our domain authority and help us in off-page-SEO


We recommend never do the sponsored review. If you have good ability to write an effective post then a certain time people will automatically come on your website.

Never do link exchanges

What is link exchanges

we ask people to add our website and give a backlink in return of we also give you a backlink. we do not recommend that exchanges backlinks. This strategy does not affect well.

There are some tips what to do and what not to do- Link building technique

Also, Know –

Social networking result (like an official Facebook page or YouTube channel) always appear onafter your brand official website. Why ?

If we consider Rank and domain authority social networking platform and directory listing website always has good rank then our website. But question is that why Facebook link or just dial link appear on after our website result?

the answer is social engine robots always seem result by checking that who has more links for this particular brand.

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