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It is a young organization that acts like a bridge between companies and students. We know all companies want a trained candidate who can uplift their business, so we provide trained and well qualified students to companies. We have another many solutions from start to uplift any business.

  1. Digital Marketing: In present era, where every youth is now focuses on internet for any service. So today’s need is to maintain a online or Internet presence for every business. Digital marketing has all the solution for this problem. Digital marketing means to promote your business or marketing of our product digitally on all electronic devises or internet. Business leverage digital channels such as search engine, social media, email marketing, bulk SMS service provider, and their website to connect with right customers at right time.

        Our services for digital marketing:

  • Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO): Search engine optimization is the process to optimize your webpage or website to rank higher on google or other search engine pages. It is a process to get maximum number of visitors or traffic from the free, editorial, or organic to a particular website. Digital Banda can help you to leverage the above said benefits of SEO Services with the blend of experience and innovation, thus helping you to get more traffic, leads and profit to your website or business.
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM): In present time, Social media is the best tool for brand awareness and also to promote your business. Here at Digital Banda, we provide social media marketing services which covers all social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter. Our social media marketing services help your business grow brand awareness, engagements and traffic.

1. Develop Brand Awareness (Followers): Our services help you to increase your followers with relevant people. We ensure you that your followers match the demographics, interest and behaviors of your typical customers.

2. Build Relationships (Engagements): When you build a strong relationship with your customers, they are more likely to buy your product and take your services. We will help you to increase engagements (like, Comments etc) on social media posts. The more engagement you have, the strongest connection you have with your audience, the more leads can be generated for your business.

3. Increase website exposure (Traffic): Increasing traffic to your website directly influences sales and leads for your business. We will focus on social media advertising campaigns that drive high volumes of traffic to your website.

  • Search Engine Marketing: Digital Banda, Best Digital Marketing services provider in Lucknow, provides an all inclusive SEM strategy that includes:
  1. Google Account Setup
  2. Advanced Keyword Research and grouping
  3. Creating multiple PPC Ads
  4. Bid and Campaign Management – Enable Tracking
  5. Monitoring of campaigns performance
  6. Campaign ROI analysis.
  • Bulk SMS Services: We provide Bulk SMS Services that suits your needs at best prices. In Bulk SMS Services providing activities we provide best promotional massages to promote all kind of businesses, election campaign in your targeted audience and location. We provide affordable and authentic partners with quality services for our clients. Over the years, Digital Banda has consolidated its presence in the digital marketing field and has been providing world class services.
  1. Business Consultancy:  Business consulting means bringing all possible solutions for your business.   Good business is built on understandings. Today, in every business, there are imperatives in work. To grow any business and to stay in this competitive market, business must be operated as efficient as possible. Businessman should know how to use information and latest technology in best manner that can create a really good result.

We represent a wide range of services on our understanding of your business needs from process optimization and IT administration to change management and project management. Our aim is to bringing information of life for your business.

Our services for business consultancy:

  • Management Consulting: Our starting plan is client’s overall strategy, which we analyze and if needed at times change the direction of. We help our clients to develop and create a strategic plan of their functional areas. Our many years we have built up a trusted bond with central and local government, health care, energy, banking and insurance companies. Along with the rich of the methodology and a deep insight of technological areas our consultants help our clients to get out of their most technological investment and help them to turn towards most profitable areas.  

Our management consulting services:

  • Unit strategies in sales, products, customer service and case management
  • Process improvement and cost reduction
  • Cloud and IT strategy
  • IT governance
  • IT mergers and acquisitions
  • IT management for hire

Digital BANDA has consultants who guide companies through the analysis and implementation phases, and can take responsibility for both running the process and supporting the client’s own staff. We have helped such clients as the Tax Administration, Welfare Service etc.

  • Business Development: Business analysis is to improve your existing operation by identifying, analyzing and possible change the way of your work. ‘

When you what you want to accomplish our experts or consultants have the tools and methods that allow you to reach all the way to success. We help you to define and illustrate your goals. This facilitates the identification of processes, policies, concepts and resources which are necessary to achieve your predefined goals.

  • Change Management: A new IT system in itself rarely confers any benefit before being implemented in the organization. Therefore, change management is the key to realizing the potential of your company’s IT investments. Digital Banda helps companies with efficient and proper use of new or altered systems by adapting work processes and motivating employees for change.