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Top 12 SEO Friendly Extensions

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Top 12 SEO Friendly Extensions

As we all know how must google is popular around us. Sorry sorry, Google products too.

Like Adwords, Adsense, Keep, Google Chrome.

Hello, guys in this article I am going to discuss “Top Seo friendly chrome extensions”.

Before telling the first item of my list, We should know

Why I use extensions?

Google Chrome is now to most flexible. Crome make our system light weighted.

Crome provide his super fast, super light weighted, extensions to make our system light weighted.

Rather than download the heavy application for SEO we can use these extensions.


  • Extensions save our system’s space
  • Easy to download
  • Easy to uninstall
  • Easy to update
  • No need to open more applications

List Of Top Google Chrome Extensions For SEO

1 Grammarly

chrome extensions for seo

Grammarly is a powerful tool for checking your grammar of particular blog post. Even I use Grammarly. This tool suggests us how you can improve your article.

Free extension, Grammarly has a lot of audiences. Grammarly keeps an eye on every single (minor) grammar mistakes on your article.

Grammarly has a premium plan too.

Key Feature

  • Free/Paid tool
  • Detects all grammar mistakes, and Spellings also.

2 Similar web

chrome extension open seo stats

One of the powerful tool for Digital marketing. Similar web detects all our website activity like our website category, Global rank, country rank your competitors and much more.

The similar web gives almost real data. We can track our audience source.

Key features

  • Can track audiences
  •  Location that their web traffic is come from
  • Bounce rate
  • Geography
  • Competitor analysis
  • Display ad analysis (paid ads analysis)
  • Free and paid tool

3 Alexa

chrome extension seo site tools

As my personal experience, I use Alexa extension for analysis particular website competitor and website loading speed.  Which is essential for SEO.

Amazon-owned Alexa analysis our county rank, global rank, site speed, demographics and much more.

Alexa also detects where our website is linked. In simple words, Alexa can also detract our Backlinks.

Key Feature

  • Paid/Free tool
  • Website rank analysis tool
  • Can track our backlinks
  • Demographics
  • Website loading speed
  • Competitors

Check my links

chrome extension seo check

Check my links extension detects all 404 pages of any website. It provides all existing link on our web pages. Check my link detects all type links like valid links, valid redirecting link, broken link.

And we all know how broken pages is unhealthy for our website. Google always push these type of website who have more broken links. By removing all broken links we can improve our SEO.

Key feature

  • No of all link
  • No of valid link
  • Warnings
  • Invalid links

5 Majestic backlink analyzer

seo extension for chrome

Every creature who have own website want quietly backlinks. Building high-quality backlink is hard. Several tools of link building are on marketing and Majestic also one of them. This tool analyzes all backlinks of given page.

We can get a ton of backlinks in a just single click. Majestic made backlinking very easy.

6 MozBar

moz chrome extension

I am sure you are waiting for this tool. Is it right?

MozBar is one of the older, top popular marketing tools for SEO. All SEO experts recommend Mozbar.

Mozbar analysis our DA, PA backlinks in a single click.

Key feature

  • Check domain authority, page authority
  • Link profile
  • Keyword highlights
  • Check Backlinks
  • Spam score

And much more…

hit mozBar and try it, this extension can make your site more visible on search engine. That’s what we wanted.

7 Woo rank extension

woo chrome extension

I am so sorry to put Woo rank so down.

We all know woo rank power, we get every SEO activity in a just single click.

Key feature

  • Woo rank score (SEO score)
  • Title and meta description length
  • Seo errors
  • Of heading tag h1, h2, h3
  • Most common keywords
  • All SEO activities like
  • Missing ALT tag
  • In page links
  • Broken links
  • Social Media Engagement

And much more. By using Woo rank you can achieve one more point in SEO.

8 Google page speed

chrome extensions for seo

Google calculate website speed in a second. Everyone knows how much page loading speed effects our search position.  Not only for desktop You can also use this extension to check in on your mobile loading speeds.

9 Built with

buildwith extension for seo

Another powerful extension, we use Buildwith to find technology of the website, in which it is developed.

BuiltWith mostly uses for website profiling.

We can analysis

  • CMS
  • Analytics
  • Framework
  • CDN
  • Advertising

10 Character count

google chrome extensions for seo

Character count, count all character on the webpage. Free and Easy to use

11 SEO meta in one click

best seo extension for chrome

SEO meta in one click supply various type of information. Like Header, Images, Links social, external tool and a summary page.

Supper cool tool for know any website meta in just one click. That’s why its name is SEO meta in one click.

Key feature

This tool provide information in different tabs let’s consider one by one

  • Summary tab provides information like Title, description, keyword, Url, Author and more
  • Header Tab: All h1 tags and number of heading tags
  • Images tab: No. Of images With ALT and Title information.
  • Links Tab: Total links, internal links,

There is no doubt how much this tool important for SEO.

12 Impactana

Google Chrome fans

Most powerful tool for analyze data from social media.

Impactana counts all social shares for each page. A powerful tool for content marketing.


Google has awesome products and Chrome is one of them.

The extension is easy to use and easy to download, And I am sure every second person use google extension.

There are several tools for SEO. I mostly use these tools.

Woo rank is perfect for analysis website SEO score.

Grammarly helps us to improve our grammar. The free version is enough but you can purchase paid also.

You can use ‘Check my links’ to check your all broken links.

Which Google Chrome extensions do you use for SEO?

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