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How to monetize a WordPress website with Facebook Ads

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How to monetize a WordPress website with Facebook Ads

This article will tell you Step by Step, How to set up instant article for WordPress website. and how to Make/Earn Money Online (From Facebook)A Full guide to learn how to connect your website with the Facebook instant article.

The present time; We are busy to build our business.,and investing a good money for branding and also expect some money from AdSense or midia.net.  They are one of the largest Add publisher network. They are working in this domain for a long time. Now Facebook also showing interest in this field name of this field ( Facebook instant articles).

Topic –

Monetize our website with Facebook (Facebook instant articles).

Important Points-

⦁ Facebook instant Article only for MOBILE(Facebook Application)
⦁ Don’t use break link tag more than 5. <br> Don’t use More than 5 </br>
⦁ Your website should have 10 posts. (Minimum 400 words – Recommended)
⦁ Does not matter how much likes on your Facebook page likes and What is your Website Rank.

Step by Step How to setup Facebook instant Article.

Step 1-

facebook instant articles | facebook instant articles wordpress | facebook instant article steps

  • Sing up

facebook instant article sing up | facebook instant articles sample rss feed |

  • Choose your page that you want to monetize.

Step 2- Facebook instant articles

  • Now go again Facebook Page
  • Click on “Tools > Connect your Website”
  • Facebook will give a meta code and  Facebook also provides an ID(Facebook Page ID)

facebook instant articles example | facebook instant articles rss

For WordPress user copy this ID and paste it “Facebook page ID” Section.

Step 3-

  • Open your website that you want to Monetize.
  • Now Login your website Dashboard
  • Go to Plugin > Add new, and search “Facebook Instant Article” then Choose “Instant Articles for WP” and install > Activate.

facebook instant articles wordpress plugin |

  • Open The Plugin
  • Now plugin will ask for Facebook Page ID.
  • Ok now paste that code in Facebook page id section.

facebook instant articles ad placement | facebook instant articles blogger

  • Then Go to “Save Changes”

Step 4-

  • To connect your site, add the meta tag below to the <head> tag in your website’s HTML, then enter the URL of your site in the field below
  • Appearance > Editor > Theme Header or header.php >Paste the script > Save

facebook instant articles api | facebook instant articles earnings

After doing that, your website will contact with Facebook.

Step 5-

  • Now go to google search box and type yourdomain.com/feed/instant-articles.
  • Now Facebook will fetch all your articles from Website.
  • Go your
  • Facebook page >Publishing Tools> Instant article >Configuration> Production RSS feed > paste “yourdomain.com/feed/instant-articles

facebook instant articles example | facebook instant article plugin


  • Save

Step 6-

  • Go to Styles section > default > Logo > choose your logo

Must be a transparent PNG.
Minimum dimensions: 690px width by 132px height.

Step 7-

you have to submit your request to the Facebook team to activate Instant Articles. But it has some condition, you can submit it for review after you have fulfilled it.

You must have at least 10 new posts on your website, then you can submit it for this review. If you have 10 articles, you can submit it by clicking Submit for review.

  • Go to your website dashboard > Post > All Post > Now go to quick edit > Save again.  (Important )
    Do this step for all post (Minimum 10 post).
  • Go to your Facebook page and reload the page.
  • Then Submit for Review section will appear

 facebook instant article setup | facebook instant article setting
Step 8-

  • Now go to Audience Network and Click, Get Started.
  • Then Facebook sends a notification, Click that notification and you will redirect to your development account.
  • Now Go Development Account
    dashboard > App review > Make my smart support public > Yes (Important )

Step 9-

  • In Facebook development Account.
  • Audience Network > Payout > Create/Select Payout >Full Create.

 facebook instant articles adsense | facebook instant articles amp

  • Fill All Information

Step 10-

  • Now go to facebook page submit for review.

facebook instant articles approval what is a facebook instant article

  • Then a message will appear in your page
  • “Your review is currently pending. Article review is usually completed within 3-5 days”
  • Then wait till your account is approved.


Afte Approval-

instant article by facebook | bild facebook instant article | facebook instant article code

 facebook instant article cpm | facebook instant articles css

  • Select your app(development account ) > go audience network > Placements > Get Code


  • Facebook provides a code (script) copy that script

create facebook instant article | facebook instant article feed

  • Then go Facebook page
  • Pick a post > Edit > Paste the script in HTML > Save >

facebook instant articles for publishers | facebook instant articles for wordpress


facebook instant articles for android | facebook instant articles guide facebook instant article html

Action > Publish

facebook instant articles how does it work

  • Now Copy That post URL
  • And paste that URL as a new post in the same page
  • See the Images below.

how to setup facebook instant article | facebook instant articles india


  • Now Open Facebook Page manager App in mobile > search that post you share > See your first add-on Facebook page.
  • Add Look Like that

facebook instant articles ipad

Note Add only show in Mobile Application
That is all step by step of How to setup Facebook instant Article.
Thank you all, Enjoy Facebook instant articles.

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