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Digital marketing institute in Lucknow

Importance of digital marketing: 

First, We need to know Why Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing in lucknow

  1. For promoting your business(Online Marketing).
  2. For developing our skills.
  3. For use digital marketing as a business. (Digital Marketing training)
  4. to make our business online.
  5. to build our brand awareness.
  6. To make the second source of income

Every Business wants to grow and All wishes to get profit, that’s why Digital marketing become more popular. Not for Business now digital marketing is also a good topic for study.

People of different ages are showing his/her interest to learn online marketing.

Now digital marketing also becomes a good source of earnings. Earning means not offline only, we can earn online too.

Our Course Modules:

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing

Groth of digital marketing  

Future of Digital Marketing

  • Website Planning & Creation


CMS – WordPress, Open cart, Masnato etc

  • Web Content Management

Keyword research

Keyword Density

  • Search Engine Optimization

On page SEO

SEO friendly URL

Optimizing website

Competition Analysis

Title & Meta Tags integration


  • Google Analytics/ Data analytics

Web Data Analytics, Tag manager, Search analytics bing analytics, YouTube analytics and more

  • Google Webmaster

XML Sitemap Creation, Robots text creation

  • Adwords & PPC Advertising

Making search engine ads, Video ads, Shopping Ads Facebook Pixel, Facebook Ad Manager.

  • Lead Generation Strategy

Push Notification Marketing, Video marketing, Social Media Marketing, influencer marketing,

  • Retargeting Management

Inbound marketing, Outbound marketing.

  • Email Marketing


  • Mobile Marketing

SMS marketing

  • E-commerce Marketing

  • Blogging

Free blogging network- Blogger, WordPress.com

  • Online Brand Reputation

  • Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Adsense & Affiliate Marketing

Monetization of Website, YouTube Channel, Facebook Page.

  • Grab Freelancer Project

  • YouTube Marketing (Video Marketing)

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Social Media Optimization

  • Client Report

Can I do digital marketing?

Digital marketing is not only for professional developers or designers. Every man has some knowledge of computer can do digital marketing. And I am telling you, That is going to be very interesting.

Who can do online marketing?


digital marketing is going to very easy for students. Students can make own online portal to earn online.

Not even earn they will learn some more skills too.


Specially, Housewife and those women who can not go outside due to work can learn digital marketing too.  They can use the online platform to learn.


Perfect..! if you are a writer or poet then digital marketing is yours. Along with earning money, you can get more publisher for your book or poem.

A writer can make his online community easily.


A startup always needs a website and lots of promotions.

A good straggler (Entrepreneur) know what I mean.  We will tell you how to build a website and how to do promotion (Free) for your website. Who,  will save you some money


digital marketing is boon for Experts. If you have an awesome knowledge of a particular topic or more topic and want to share your views with your audience than you also at the right place. Game digital marketing skills and do it.

How Can I lean Digital marketing in Lucknow?


digital marketing course in lucknow


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