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What is Digital Marketing

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What is Digital Marketing

Will, I look smart if I say Hi, guys I am a digital marketer (digital marketing company) in my brother engagement ceremony?

Is it good for me? uhhhh….!  sound ridiculous

Stop doing so of

Maybe a better question is What is Digital Marketing? How can I do it?

This digital marketing guide will show you what is it.

First, let’s see what professional says about Digital Marketing [ Infographic ]

Wikipedia–  Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, but also including mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium.

Source: Wikipedia


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Hubspot- Digital marketing is an umbrella term for all of your online marketing efforts. Businesses leverage digital channels such as Google search, social media, email, and their websites to connect with their current and prospective customers.

Source: Hubspot


Let me explain-

Marketing that is done through Mobile, Laptops, PC with internet is Digital Marketing.

Now the question is How we did Marketing When we don’t have electronic devices?

We used Radio for marketing and it was also very successful.

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Still, radio is alive with his unique marketing quietly.

Basically, we use two methods of marketing.

Offline Method

  • Radio marketing

In 1995, radio is the best way to do marketing. Even we are still using radio for marketing

Because we all Know “Old Is Gold”

  • TV marketing

Television marketing is a such a giant. For marketing, we never forget about this method.

TV marketing is an expensive method to do.

After YouTube, the power of TV ad(s) has gone down rapidly. But television marketing is still with us.

  • Holding marketing, Newspaper marketing

Marketing through holdings and newspaper is the best way to boost brand image. but there is a problem, you can not estimate clear ROI with this method. We can not calculate how must people saw our ad who did not.

Because of affordable price this method has a good number of audience.

After upgrading ourself we discover some new way to do marketing and we found Online marketing.

Online Marketing Method

  • Digital Marketing

Again what was our definition-

Marketing that is done through Mobile, Laptops, PC with internet is online Marketing.

Now focus this image

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If we suppose pillars are SEO, SMO, SMM, inbound marketing, affiliate marketing and beams are your website blog post, Infographics, social media profile then

This house will be Digital marketing.

Let’s consider all point one by one.

Search Engine Optimization

The process of optimizing our content/ Website/ Blog to rank higher in the search result is SEO.

SEO is a free technique to do digital marketing. We do SEO for game search traffic on our channel. (Organic traffic)

Content Marketing

Explain our brand or services in content assets and publish on the internet is called Content marketing.

we do content marketing for getting lead generation, brand awareness, traffic growth and most important “call for our business”.

Social Media Marketing

serve our content or website to the public through social media platform and generate fast traffic for our business is social media marketing.

Display ads Marketing

One of the powerful method for lead generation.

A method for getting traffic by paying some publisher to show the ad on publisher’s website, Is called Display ad marketing or PPC marketing.

One of the most common types of PPC is AdWords product of Google.

Affiliate Marketing

Hottest marketing method I have ever seen.

This is commission based marketing. Publisher receive commission for promote someone else’s product or services on his(Publisher) channel.

E-mail marketing

Companies use e-mail marketing to get connected with their audiences by sending emails.

Emails are normally used to promote new services, upcoming events, discount, new articles and much more.

SMS marketing

Same like email marketing companies/organization use SMS marketing to communicate with their audiences.

SMS marketing is part of offline marketing.

Push Notification marketing

Sending notification to customer’s browser (Subscribed browser) to inform new updates is called Push notification marketing.

Basically push notification marketing, SMS marketing, Email marketing and content marketing is the part of retargeting marketing.

retargeting marketing

If a user visits our website from these methods(SMS, Email, Content) then it is called Retargeting marketing.

Inbound Marketing

When a user found our result on search engine then he/she visited our website, So that process is called Inbound marketing.

This marketing could be both free or paid.

Outbound Marketing

when a user found businesses on road, or during watching TV (I mean out of Internet) and visits advertiser’s website or call advertiser’s business.

This process is called Outbound marketing.

Outbound marketing is a fully paid method of marketing.

Main component of Outbound marketing

  • TV ads
  • Newspaper Ads
  • Radio Ads
  • holdings/digital holding ads
  • Show sponsoring
  • Tele-shopping
  • Phone marketing etc.

Now point is that

Why Digital Marketing: Reports

We all know how most people using smartphones

Check this report
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Source Statista

What Google Say about Digital Marketing

This is Last 5 year data from google trend.

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This is proof of how much digital marketing progress, it has made in the last 5 years.

Is digital marketing profitable for me?

The best part of digital marketing is we can estimate our investment and can measure the ROI. Digital marketing allows marketers to read actual real-time data

In the offline advertisement, we can never estimate real data. We can never estimate how many people saw our ad and who did not.

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We can easily track our visitors (Who have visited our website, What he did on it, witch location did user come from and more).

You can track every article preformation or ad preformation in just one click.

In another hand, we have social networking platforms. Nowadays social media become a huge platform for advertise (Free, Paid).


How can I learn Digital Marketing?

Digital Banda – Digital Marketing Agency in Lucknow

Digital Marketing has more components like SEO, SEM, EMAIL marketing and much more.  As a digital marketing consultant, we always recommend getting search traffic (free traffic) by using SEO.
In another hand, we have paid marketing options like Google AdWords.

For Beginners

Learning is a good skill. For those people who want learn how to do digital marketing and what is website development, we are here to teach them.
Hot Topics for Beginners

  • Search engine optimization
  • Search engine marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Social media optimization
  • E-mail marketing

For Businessman


We provide website development and course in Lucknow for five years. We have a lot of experience in this domain.
Basically, we love to develop a website in all technology like C#, Java, Dot net, WordPress.
But we proudly to say we are PHP developer.
As a hardcore PHP developer, we have made a different type of business website in Lucknow and Delhi region.

WordPress website

My team has WordPress development skills too. We designed different type of website using WordPress technology.
Which type of website we love u develop.

  • E-store platform e-commercial
  • Business website
  • Educational website

We are always with you for consulting you fill free to call us

Digital marketing company in Lucknow – Ditial Banda

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