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What is App Store Optimization ASO

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What is App Store Optimization ASO

This article for App Store Optimization Service and Tips for Your App Marketing Strategy. Make Sure Your Application Meets the App Store Ranking Rules and Appears at Top 1 in App Store Search Results.

App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization (ASO) Is an activity for improving our search result on mobile app Platform (such as an iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry or Windows Phone app).

We can say this is SEO for the mobile app. Usually, We use SEO word for website optimization and ASO word for mobile Application optimization. With the help ASO, our app can get a good/higher rank in search result. Which would make our download dashboard better.

Importance of ASO

Today some people preferred App more than the website. Some research reports that more than 63% of app customers prefer browsing in the app store to discover new apps.

Nowadays there are many ways to find a new app. Sometimes we get users from social media. we can request to our colleagues for download our app and use.

How App Store Optimization help us 

  • App Store Optimization will increase app sales, search impressions and number of download.
  • Our app category and sub-category help the user to find our app.
  • Good title, icon, and screenshot suggestion increase your brand awareness.

How To Optimize App with help of  ASO

We all know the power of content. With the help of content marketing, we can rank at the top in search engine results for a variety of keywords. Optimize content should be in your app description because app’s description helps customers to find the right application.

1. Right Title –

This title should be your brand name or main focus keyword. Your title and description display about your application. So it should be small and effective. You can add other focused keywords in subtitles and description.

2. Icon –

The icon should be clear. An icon can convert a good lead.

3. Write short and fully optimized Description-

Your description should be fully optimized. The description is the only access for users to learn about your app’s function and features carefully.

4. keyword density-

Keyword density should be good.

5.Reviews and ratings –

today users read the reviews after download.You can optimize your app according to these reviews and satisfy the users’ needs.

6.Go Global-

It has a huge impact on the number of app installs.  if you localize your app, you will get more potential users and millions of downloads from all over the world

7. Update Regularly-

Allways remove bugs and issues from your Application.  New things should come in your application.









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